Working from home: how to avoid back pain?

Confinement has suddenly put a third of the population into teleworking. But working from a sofa or a corner table is a nightmare for the back and joints. What can be done to avoid pain? What postures to adopt? Here are some precepts to follow.

Putting the computer screen at the right height

The major disadvantage of home-working is the lack of suitable equipment to carry out our tasks in good conditions. Without an ergonomic chair or a fixed position, it seems difficult to stand upright and keep a horizontal gaze. However, constantly bending your head down to look at your laptop can lead to severe neck, shoulder and back pain. If you don’t have a fixed screen, you can raise your laptop by placing it on a pile of books and then use a keyboard and mouse. That way, you’re in a satisfactory posture.

Working from home: how to avoid back pain? The Good Life

Get up and walk regularly

In telework, there is a tendency to take fewer breaks and therefore to sit too long. As a result, our muscles stiffen and pain occurs. The solution? Put a reminder on your phone every two hours to stretch your legs a little and take advantage of the opportunity to drink water.