Measles makes the patient as fragile as a newborn child

Measles is a serious and highly contagious disease caused by a virus. According to researchers, it causes “immune amnesia” and weakens patients.

Measles causes “immune amnesia”

The information just released by Science Immunology magazine on Thursday, October 30, may convince anti-vaccines to get vaccinated or to vaccinate their children against measles. According to Velislava Petrova, lead author of the article, “The powerful activation of the immune system by measles results in lifelong immunity to the disease but, at the same time, profound immunosuppression,” reports Le Monde.

In other words, measles, by attacking the immune system, makes the patient as fragile as a newborn baby. Researchers estimate that measles eliminates “between 11% and 73% of protective antibodies in children”, explain our 20 Minute colleagues. This phenomenon has been called “immune amnesia” by researchers. open next page to see More