Orthotic inserts: what is their interest? How to get them? The Good Life

Orthotic inserts: what is their interest? How to get them?

Orthotic inserts have undergone significant improvements in recent decades. They now make it possible to relieve many mechanical disorders. How do they work and how to get them? Custom-made insoles now make it possible to treat a very wide range of disorders, explains orthopaedic-orthotist Jacques Fecherolle before listing Deformations such as flat or hollow feet […]


Constipation: 9 out of 10 women suffer in their daily lives

A study conducted by Ipsos for Hépar reveals that 88% of women suffering from constipation see their professional, personal and love life disrupted. Repeated stomach aches, bloating and too infrequent and hard stools… Constipation mainly affects women and has a real impact on their daily life. According to a survey carried out by Ipsos for […]

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Exposure to blue light would shorten life expectancy.

According to a study, prolonged exposure to blue light from screens would reduce life expectancy. Excessive blue light exposure Exposure to blue light from the screens is hazardous. This is the conclusion of a new study on fruit flies conducted by Oregon State University and published on October 17. With the multiplication of screens, humans […]


Burnout: Warning signs

Burnout, or exhaustion at work, can be physical and/or psychological. It corresponds to the final phase of a process during which stress has become too great. If extreme fatigue and physical exhaustion are the two main characteristics of burnout, there are other symptoms that should alert the worker. So as not to belie the adage […]

Wake-up Fatigue: Causes and Remedies The Good Life

Wake-up Fatigue: Causes and Remedies

Fatigue on waking is not normal and can be the result of several factors. Frequent unrepaired sleep that cannot be explained by a change in lifestyle is a sign that something is wrong. It is therefore important to find out what the causes are and remedy them. Sleep needs are very different for different people […]